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About Bincho-tan

About the Anime

Bincho-tan (the name of the anime and the main character) fits nicely that slice of life genre, but be warned! It contains a heavy dosage of cute overload, so brace yourself! You can download the anime here.

Set in Minabe, Wakayama (Japan) in both the town and surrounding countryside, we follow Bincho-tan and friends through their every day lives and the friendships they form. Although at times extremely melancholy, the episodes always pick up and leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Beatifully animated and set to serene music. No expense spared in the animation and background art, this should be an enjoyable watch for any anime fan who likes the cutesy slice of life stuff.

About the Charcoal

Binchotan (white charcoal) is a traditional Japanese charcoal that has been in use for around 400 years. It is steamed at high temperatures, but burns at a lower temperature for a longer sustained period than most charcoal.

The majority of binchotan comes from the Wakayama Prefecture, where the oak tree that the charcoal is made from is now the official tree.

Other than being used as a fuel for cooking, binchotan (similar to bamboo charcoal) has a variety of other uses such as odor absorption, cosmetics and also can be added to the water when cooking rice to improve the flavour.