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Bincho-tan - unofficial fansite

Get to know many of the characters here - but remember, there are plenty more!

Bincho-tan Bincho-tan

Bincho-tan has a very calm nature and appears to be completely in tune with the surrounding wildlife. She has blue hair with a piece of white charcoal (binchotan) strapped on top of her head - I guess this is where she gets her name!

Being such a friendly and generous person she makes friends fast, which is a good thing, otherwise this character guide would end here!
Chiku-tan Chiku-tan

A very lively little girl, Chiku-tan is usually up to any task so long as it doesn't involve spirits! Her family owns a pharmacy, and she is often tasked with travelling to the town to sell medicines as a street vendor.

In her spare time she lives to invent things - often things that have already been invented, but she didn't know that, right?
Ren-tan Ren-tan

Ren-tan is a miko (priestess) and can often be found in and around the temple. She likes to play her mokugyo and communicates with the spirit world at night.

When not at the temple she can usually be found eating Tara-ya's dumplings (her favourite food) or winning at a lottery or some other game of chance. She has an uncanny ability to win every single time! Lucky her.
Chiku-tan Kunugi-tan

Living a relatively closed life, Kunugi-tan is a rich girl who lives in a large house. She travels by horse-driven coach to and from school where Bincho-tan works for a time.

Although she is rich, has a butler and an array of maids, she is not stuck-up. In fact she is mostly lonely and longs only to make friends and play with Bincho-tan and company!
Chiku-rin Chiku-rin

Chiku-rin is Chiku-tan's little sister and they can often be found together. She takes after Chiku-tan in her liveliness and often imitates her actions, however for now Chiku-rin has no responsibilities and is simply enjoying life!

Chikurin means "bamboo grove".
Aroe Aroe

Although often appearing as a side-story, Aroe does cross paths with the other characters from time to time. She is extremely clumsy and often finds herself in a dizzy state from one of her many accidents.

She loves to swim and seems to be in constant need of water (despire the Aloe hair on her head!)