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Episode Guide (and Download)

Episode download contain 2 episodes, totalling around 24 minutes and are around 140MB each. Froth-Bite did a great job in creating these English subtitled episodes - so a big thanks to them! If you have trouble playing the episodes, try VLC.

Your browser may attempt to play the episodes inline using a plugin such as Quicktime - if you want to download these episodes, simply right click the download link and select "save target.."

Episode 1 - Spring Awakens
A nice introductory episode set in Spring. We go through a typical day oh Bincho-tan's life at home in the countryside. A simple, happy life, though it must get lonely at times!
Episode 2 - Bin Gets A Job
While bin lives alone in the countryside, it seems she cannot sustain herself completely out there. She's run out of rice and must journey to the city to earn so money!
  • Download episodes 1 & 2 (136MB)

Episode 3 - Bin's Birthday
It's Bincho-tan's birthday today! She receives a birthday present by aerial bird mail, followed by a short celebration by herself. But soon she must once again travel to the city to work, and not without mishap! This episode is really where things start to pick up as Bincho-tan meets a new friend, Chiku-tan!
Episode 4 - Rainy Sunday
It's a wet, wet day and Bincho-tan's roof is leaking. Meanwhile Chiku-tan has "invented" a new device to help her walk faster. Soon enough they meet up again and are out having a fun day despite the dreary weather!
  • Download episodes 3 & 4 (137MB)

Episode 5 - Kimono Memories
Bincho-tan and Chiku-tan are out job-hunting again. Bincho-tan ends up with a job at a prestigious school where she is told to dress extra-well. As luck would have it a passing cart drenches her with water on her way to the job, oh no!
Episode 6 - A Night's Work
In this episode we see the introduction of Ren-tan. She is a Miko (Priestess) who works at night. Bincho-tan works at the temple cleaning through the day, then at night we learn that Chiku-tan does not like ghosts!
  • Download episodes 5 & 6 (138MB)

Episode 7 - Lemonade And Candy Apples
It's festival time and everyone (except Kunugi-tan) is planning on attending! Bincho-tan has to work late but soon joins everyone else at the festival where new friendships are formed!
Episode 8 - Close And Open
A stark contrast to the liveliness of the previous episode, we see Bincho-tan acting in a melancholy manner. However is it not long until Saji arrives at her house; a happy turn of events for everyone... including Saji, the dog!
  • Download episodes 7 & 8 (137MB)

Episode 9 - A Beetle Is Following
Ren-tan helps Chiku-tan optimise her medicine sales, and Chiku-tan treats her to a portion of her favourite dumplings from Tara-ya in return. Meanwhile Bincho-tan meets Kunugi-tan by the school.
Episode 10 - Sweet Potato Season
It's Autumn time, and Bincho-tan receives some sweet potatoes in exchange for some mushrooms she picked in the woods. With too many for herself, Bincho-tan generously distributes them to her closest friends.
  • Download episodes 9 & 10 (136MB)

Episode 11 - First Snow, First Sled, First Flight
Winter is on it's way and Bincho-tan needs to make a little extra money to buy food for the cold season ahead. Before long the first snow has arrive and there is much fun to be had!
Episode 12 - Letter To The Sky
A wonderful but melancholy episode. A nice close to the season.
  • Download episodes 11 & 12 (135MB)